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By booking a time slot you automatically become a member of Ryedale Dog Field.  You will have sole use of the field for the period you have booked (unless of course you have decided to share with a friend!)


Follow the simple steps on the booking form to book your time. 

  • Start by selecting how many dogs you are bringing and how long you wish to book the field for, either half an hour or an hour. 


  • Then choose the day and time and you would like to visit.  Only available time slots will be shown on the calendar. 

  • If you just want to book one session in the field click on “continue”. 


  • If you want to book more than one session click on “add a time” and you can book another appointment.  You can do this multiple times.


  • If you know you want to book a certain time regularly, either every day, week or month then you can click the recurring option.


  • Once you have made as many booking as you wish click on “continue”


  • The next page is the “Your info” page.  A summary of your bookings is shown at the top of the page.  You then need to complete your information and click on pay now.  If you have purchased a package or been given a gift certificate then click on the “Redeem Package or Gift Certificate” button to enter your code.


  • To complete the booking enter your card details and click on pay & confirm.  You can also tick the box to “save this card” to prevent you having to type in your details every time you wish to make an appointment.


  • Once this procedure has been completed your booking will be confirmed and you will also receive a confirmation email with details of your booking and how to get into the field.  (If you do not receive your confirmation email please check your spam box and if you still can’t find it please contact us).


  • After you’ve made your first booking you can create an account so you don’t have to fill in your details every time.

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